Giants in the Marketplace, Davids in the Pew

How Any Christian Can Change the World available on:

Secrets to Partnering with God, Defeating Goliaths & Accomplishing Great Things



Welcome to a remarkable story about an incredible person -- you.

"It struck me as the sequel to Purpose Driven Lifetm."
- Chuck Church, Chick-fil-A
"The first ten pages transformed me." - Karl Collins
"An amazing book." - Bo Cable, Exec Dir Generous Garden
"Life-changing; paradigm -shifting." - Michele Lewis

This Book Will Help You:

  1. Uncover a path that leads from wherever you are, to making the greater difference you dream about.
  2. Accelerate progress in any endeavor by applying a special combination of 4 Slingshot Principles.
  3. Multiply your impact (and influence) by learning keys to solve problems few others can.
  4. Know for certain the difference between an inspired dream and selfish ambition.
  5. Fulfill your special assignment from God.
  6. Fuel your courage to take bold action despite naysayers, huge challenges, or setbacks.
  7. Launch projects that create exceptional results.  And much more...

Who's It For?

  • You - any Christian who not only dreams of going deeper with God, but wants to connect the dots to fulfill their God-inspired Destiny.
  • Your Group, Organization, Business, or Ministry - any group, organization, ministry or business that wants to experience forward acceleration with God in their efforts.
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A One-of-a-Kind, Story-Like Experience

As you travel along, you'll be drawn deeper into the great story that God is writing through, and with, you. It's an allegorical, yet practical journey - completely unlike any other.

Welcome to Destiny. Yours.

Finding Destiny changes everything. Whether you feel destined to change the world or not, it is possible. If you’ve tried and failed, succeeded here and there, or never even given it a shot - that doesn’t matter. What counts is knowing there is a path which leads from wherever you are, smack into the inspired future you dream of. Some call it the Road of Destiny.

But when you do find it, beware! Opposition also turns up. There are roadblocks, giants and unexpected setbacks guarding the way. That’s when things get interesting. While God has made special provision to give his kids an edge in life’s battles—and to accomplish great things—too often we miss the mark despite help. Why? Fortunately, with a few well-combined secrets all that can change. And when you partner with God, so will the world.

As you enjoy a story-like experience, you'll discover:

  • Secrets to knowing your True Identity and Special Assignment from God
  • How to partner with God to do what is otherwise impossible
  • Why all believers are potential thought leaders, problem solvers and difference makers
  • Four strategies which help any Christian accomplish greater things
  • An interesting truth about church as we know it that changes everything
  • How to hear God more clearly
  • And much more ...

*A portion of proceeds from every book brings clean water to those in need ( and propels innovative faith-based ventures.

About the Author

Rick Hubbell Jen Hubbell and Hubbell Family

Rick Hubbell -- “The Slingshot Guy” - Helping People Accomplish Great Things -- has a knack for encouraging Christians past discovering their God-given destiny, to actually living it. He’s a champion of helping others connect-the-dots to achieve the great things that God has called them to. Neither huge obstacles nor long odds discourage him. He is also immersed in finding ways to help organizations of all types ‘slingshot’ ahead of the competition and ‘hit the mark’, even when those goals seem improbable or audacious.

He is just crazy enough to believe that any Christian can change the world!

In addition to writing and teaching, Rick serves clients around the US as a business growth strategist and an internet marketing specialist. Formerly a full-time pastor at a thriving local church in North Carolina, to Rick’s great surprise God called him from there out into the marketplace. The journey to leadership, starting from square one, in both the church and the business world, has given him a distinctive voice of experience. He lives with his wife Jennifer and four children in South Carolina; while his fifth child, Nathan, already lives in Heaven.

Rick's Reasons for Writing This Book

  1. I will help you connect the dots from your present reality to the greater things you dream about,
    without striving or selling out.
  2. I will help you sort out the difference between an inspired dream and selfish ambition.
  3. I will show you how to create advance in virtually anything you do.
  4. I will help you feel secure that you are doing what God wants you to.
  5. I will help you love and honor others from the heart.
  6. I will help you conquer fear, and slay cultural Goliaths too.
  7. I will help you experience more of God’s help and presence in your daily life.
  8. I will help you see the world in a way that motivates you to take action.
  9. I will help you recognize opportunities you may be missing.
  10. I will teach you to hear God’s voice more clearly and know Him more deeply.
  11. I will help you launch and propel great endeavors.
  12. I will help you change the world, and encourage you along the way.