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The Slingshot Principles
Rick Hubbell -- "The Slingshot Guy" - Helping People Accomplish Great Things --  Rick is the son of English teachers and grew up in a New Hampshire town so small it wasn't listed on many maps. From there he found a path to become a pastor, an entrepreneur (with original products in over 1200 stores nationwide), a top executive (once leading a team to sell out a $92.5M development in less than 90 minutes) and later founded his own business growth consulting firm with clients ranging from solopreneurs and non-profits, to multi-million dollar corporations.

Hubbell has a knack for encouraging Christians past discovering their God-given destiny, to actually living it. He’s a champion of helping others connect-the-dots to achieve the great things that God has called them to. Neither huge obstacles nor long odds discourage him. He is also immersed in finding ways to help organizations of all types ‘slingshot’ ahead of the competition and ‘hit the mark’,  even when those goals seem improbable or audacious.

He is just crazy enough to believe that any Christian can change the world!

In addition to writing and teaching, Rick serves clients around the US as a business growth strategist and an internet marketing specialist. Formerly a full-time pastor at a thriving local church in North Carolina, to Rick’s great surprise God called him from there out into the marketplace. The journey to leadership, starting from square one, in both the church and the business world, has given him a distinctive voice of experience. He lives with his wife Jennifer and four children in South Carolina; while his fifth child, Nathan, already lives in Heaven.

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